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rhd instruments – the electrochemistry experts.

rhd instruments is committed to supporting academic and industrial research around the globe by designing flexible, high-quality solutions to characterize a wide variety of materials for energy storage devices and other electrochemical applications. rhd’s portfolio encompasses setups for measuring small sample amounts under precise and fast temperature control as well as user-friendly and powerful impedance data analysis software. Furthermore, rhd also offers service measurements and seminars on electrochemical methods.

What we do
• rhd instruments develops and manufactures innovative and flexible hardware and software solutions for electrochemistry and materials science perfectly meeting the requirements and needs of our customers.
• Our solutions stand out due to a high level of quality, automation and user-friendliness and our customers benefit from accelerated processes and new experimental options.
• We are a reliable and proud partner of many R&D labs which perform ground-breaking, state-of-the-art research.

How we do it
• Our business is based on a customer-centric philosophy and to ensure that our customers have a partner they can discuss with at eye level, our team members attend regular trainings and follow the progress in research.

Who we are
• Passionate, skilled natural scientists with several years of practical experience as well as a strong theoretical background in electrochemistry.
• Several years of experience with consulting, conducting challenging projects, and with developing and manufacturing innovative equipment as well as creating software and service solutions.

Our products and services encompass …
• the Microcell HC setup and versatile, innovative test cells for electrochemistry experiments
• the unique CompreDrive setup and CompreCells for solid electrolyte and solid-state-battery testing with the option to actively monitor and adjust the temperature and stack-pressure,
• the RelaxIS 3 software for impedance data analysis and simulation,
• (virtual) EIS seminars, and service measurements.


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