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Software AG

Software AG is a successful provider of an IoT platform (Cumulocity IoT) into which more functionalities are gradually being integrated. This goes hand in hand with the development of industry-specific ecosystems, such as ADAMOS GmbH, a joint foundation of Software AG and leading companies from the mechanical engineering sector.

As a technology leader in the field of application infrastructure and middleware software, Software AG develops comprehensive solutions and services for digitization, including products for AI model training and real-time analysis. While the focus of these activities has so far been purely technical, addressing integration, analysis, prediction, etc. based on IoT (machine) data, aspects of human-machine communication are also becoming increasingly relevant for Software AG in this environment.

Software AG’s involvement in the KompAKI project is therefore aimed at better understanding the special requirements of AI-based human-machine communication in the production environment. This knowledge will help in developing future-proof solutions that complement Software AG’s product portfolio and enable us to cover a broader range of customer needs in the manufacturing sector.

Dr. Mohamed Abdelaal
Research Scientist